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I have risen from the dead!

I have to take the ACT tomorrow... ... . . . ... . .. oh jesus.

Satan invented standardized testing. God invented stretch jeans.

I should probably warn people that my livejournal is not only sporadic, but it is also written very stream-of-concious-ly. Yes.

Realization #1: Anime cons make me feel good. very good. They make me feel so good that I would be willing to shell out $30 for AFO4 without blinking.

Realization #2: The money I spend on Anime DVDs and on random CDs COULD be allocated into my clothes, which right at this moment is more important to me than sitting on my ass at home watching anime.

Realization #3: I must overcome my social ineptness. >>>This can be solved by hanging out with Caitlin more often.

Realization #4: I need to study for ACT and draw some manga.

Realization #5: I need a job...and a mini cooper.

That's all the epiphanies I had today....feel free to comment/refute/agree/flame/post random words and such.

and such. That's one of the best phrases out there.
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