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Me and Lisa had an interesting conversation about what we would name our children.

Me: I'm reading Blackwood Farm and guess what the main character guy's name is?
Lisa: What?
Me: TARQUIN! Isn't that the best name in the world?
Lisa: And his nickname would be QUINN!
Me: YES! Isn't that so cute?!?!
Lisa: yeah! If I have a son, that's what I'll name him!
Me: Hell no, that's what I'M going to name my son!
Lisa: Well I'd name my daughter that anyway!
Me: Pshaw
Lisa: Pshaw

I enjoy that book overly much. Why is Anne Rice so good? Now that I think about it, I would name all of my kids after Anne Rice characters, she picks the best names.

Por ejemplo: 1st son- Tarquin Junichiro (insert chinese name here)(insert husband's last name here).

2nd son- Lestat Saburo (insert chinese name here)(insert husband's last name here).

Daughter- Sammi (I just love that name for no reason)

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