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JIZ BOWL! [08 Oct 2003|02:28pm]
[ mood | hot ]

Seriously people. Quiz bowl is the hottest "sport" out there.

Hotter than fencing.
Hotter than croquet.
Hotter than badminton.

We kicked Osceola's ass majorly. They simply suck.

So anyway, here comes the random stream-of-conciousness thoughts:

Veronica's journal has hot pictures. Go there and see it.
I am way too hot fashion today to do my homework.
Tanya annoys the shit out of me. Just today I realized that when she talks she moves her right hand in a psychotic way as if she is writing in the air what she is saying. Creepy.
I met Eva's ex-boyfriend from 8th grade. His name is Roger and he has an orange "HOT IMPORT NITEZ" car.
Black tights are the hot.
The troll is so not the hot.
I SHOULD post more often...but...nah.

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STUPID ASSES SUCK [27 Aug 2003|02:45pm]
Attention everybody! There is a fucker called Haroon Pirasdjfhalsjdf;s and he is the biggest fuck face in the entire world and he should DIE.

Now that that's over and done with....

Veronica owns everybody. She should make a journal making service for people so they can all have hot journals, but she's too cool to be commissioned like that.

I hate people.
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I have risen from the dead! [13 Jun 2003|03:36pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

I have to take the ACT tomorrow... ... . . . ... . .. oh jesus.

Satan invented standardized testing. God invented stretch jeans.

I should probably warn people that my livejournal is not only sporadic, but it is also written very stream-of-concious-ly. Yes.

Realization #1: Anime cons make me feel good. very good. They make me feel so good that I would be willing to shell out $30 for AFO4 without blinking.

Realization #2: The money I spend on Anime DVDs and on random CDs COULD be allocated into my clothes, which right at this moment is more important to me than sitting on my ass at home watching anime.

Realization #3: I must overcome my social ineptness. >>>This can be solved by hanging out with Caitlin more often.

Realization #4: I need to study for ACT and draw some manga.

Realization #5: I need a job...and a mini cooper.

That's all the epiphanies I had today....feel free to comment/refute/agree/flame/post random words and such.

and such. That's one of the best phrases out there.

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Man, I hate mondays [24 Feb 2003|04:40pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Started off the day by being stuck in a hideous traffic jam. (I had to go down the crazy road towards Jetport Road, aka cowpasture land)

Anyway, I decided that I needed to duely reward myself with some Anniversary buttons. So I did.

Did anyone else see the Get Up Kids' emogame T-shirt? I'm thinking about getting it for my birthday or something.

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This is my voice on the RADIOOOOO [04 Jan 2003|11:32pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Rellie helped me to get this new client, so that might mean more updates!!!
Probably not by the way I post.

Lessee, what do I have that's interesting?

Um, go see rellie's rant about elitists, you won't be dissapointed!

*goes away because of the sheer boringness about this entry*

>>OH YEAH!!! I got a PS2 *dances* now I can join the ranks of gamers like the infamous Michelle and Tiff!
And that's not all! chiharu, I'd like to join your doujinshi ring for much Jrock goodness! Now, which band/person(s) shall I choose??

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I just realized I need more icons. If you can make me an icon I will hug you. [03 Dec 2002|02:45pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

So, I was sitting in Calculus today when my teacher tells us that if we talk we get a zero. So everything was going fine until I open my sketchbook to an omake I made about Marius (from the Vamp. Chronicles) with the "Yum, weiners" painting. (I need to scan that in for y'all.) I was going to explode into laughter and I almost got Lisa in trouble too cuz she looked at it and had to repress the urge to roll on the floor.

Oh yeah, last night I thought Lisa got hit by the cancer bus because her mom called my house asking where she was.

Me: Hello?
Lisa's Mom: Hello? Yao?
Me: Oh, Hi Lisa.
LM: Um, this is Lisa's Mom.
Me: Ooooh! Sorry Mrs. Lee.
LM: Yeah, is Lisa at your house?
Me: No, why?
LM: Well, she hasn't come home yet.
Me: Ooooh....did you call Tiff? Maybe she's at the crazy SAT prep class or something....

Well, anyways, after I hung up...


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ARGH! [02 Dec 2002|02:49pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Me and Lisa had an interesting conversation about what we would name our children.

Me: I'm reading Blackwood Farm and guess what the main character guy's name is?
Lisa: What?
Me: TARQUIN! Isn't that the best name in the world?
Lisa: And his nickname would be QUINN!
Me: YES! Isn't that so cute?!?!
Lisa: yeah! If I have a son, that's what I'll name him!
Me: Hell no, that's what I'M going to name my son!
Lisa: Well I'd name my daughter that anyway!
Me: Pshaw
Lisa: Pshaw

I enjoy that book overly much. Why is Anne Rice so good? Now that I think about it, I would name all of my kids after Anne Rice characters, she picks the best names.

Por ejemplo: 1st son- Tarquin Junichiro (insert chinese name here)(insert husband's last name here).

2nd son- Lestat Saburo (insert chinese name here)(insert husband's last name here).

Daughter- Sammi (I just love that name for no reason)


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Hola! [28 Aug 2002|04:51pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Long time no see eh?
Well, nothing new's happening to me except that I'm convinced me and Rellie are the only two who are NOT suffering from withdrawl from AFO3. Yes, it was fun. Yes, I did meet lots of cool and interesting peoples, but I'm not depressed because its over.

I wonder why...

oh yeah:

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Saigo no hi! [18 Jun 2002|02:49pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Yus yus, last post before I go to Japan. (Still need to pack)

I still need to do the picture too... DAMN THIS IB ART HOMEWORK!

Keep happy..............I went to some more HP Japanese fansites...oh jesus I need some doujinshi.

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Oh no!! *falls over* [14 Jun 2002|02:33pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I was just going around to see if I can make some more friends so I looked under everyone who likes 'pierrot' and look what I found!\


Check it out! It looks like it just got started! But I got to warn you, their english is VERY bad, so bad that I can hardly understand it, but the entire concept is hilarious.

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DL heaven [10 Jun 2002|11:38am]
[ mood | hungry ]

I just got 20 some Mp3s, including Ulfuls. If you don't like Ulfuls then you need to because they rock so much.

I'm still doing lots of research as to where I can go to buy cool clothes, jrock stuff and just general places in Tokyo and the other cities I'm going to. Anyone have any suggestions?

I just got some film so I can properly document this experience. Unfortunatly, I don't think I have enough film to create a flip book.

I'll take photos of hot guys, look alikes, the actual artists themselves ( yeah right, like I'm actually going to meet anyone), and lugares of interest! On Wednesday me and rellie are going to Barnes and Noble to get some research done. ^_^

LISA! What do you want from Japan? If you don't tell me then I'm just going to buy the first thing I see fit...which just may be some Yaoi doujinshi (Harry Potter slash!) *Cackles*

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*Dies* *Gets up again* *Dies once more* [10 Jun 2002|10:52am]
Well I don't know if Rell spilled the news but...

...I'm going to my dream country. Japan. Yes.
2 weeks of madness and shopping. I guarentee I will be beyond broke when I come back.

Anyone been there or know where I can get livehouse tickets?
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Mer [20 Mar 2002|03:47pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Yay, makes me feel good about myself.

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Eat froot so you don't get scabies [14 Feb 2002|09:44pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

All right.

Since I'm waiting for a download, I've decided to put in my two cents worth of randomness. *yes, another list (everybody groans and leaves)*

1. Why do people utterly despise Valentines Day? I mean, don't get me wrong I'm not happy with the holiday, but there are some people who totally and completely hate it. They wear all black (not that most of them wear any other color most of the time) and they keep on rolling their eyes at the people who do get valentines. To me, Valentines Day is just another card-and-candy holiday, just like Halloween. Therefore, I feel no need to be extremely angry or upset, yet whenever Feb. 14 rolls around I do admit I get gloomy.
Oh well, there's always next year (psst...Rell, you buy me stuff and I'll buy you stuff and we'll sign the card with 'secret admirer')

2. These are the things in the day that absolutely cheer me up: Drawing I, the bus ride, and Frank cracking on Laurel and Duncan. Oh yes, the gratification of making yaoi doujinshi and watching Dictator's Circus too (god, they're such dorks).

3. Froot. That's the word of the day.

4. Brendan is too cute for his own good. He looks too much like Jun. James, on the other hand, reminds me too much of Kohta because of his goodnaturedness and jolliness. Me and Rell swear he's going to be a jolly police officer with 7 kids and a jolly round wife. Brendan, on the other hand, is gonna sleep his way to the top of some big Japanese company like Sony and get illegally married to some guy in Fiji. Yes, and he'll be a male-ho too.

5. I dunno man, I think I need to draw more, but sleeping is just so much easier!

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[14 Feb 2002|09:04pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

ZAN! *barfing noises, or whatever the hell Kyo does*

Damn I'm pissed...(do not read if you dont wanna)

OK, me and rellie have ourselves a Japanese Club in our sad, sad, little High School. It was going to be fabulous. BUT this guy who is the "vice president" (Rell is the REAL VP) AND HE BOTCHED IT!
*wants to smash items, room is too messy to find appropriate items to smash*
He did all of the 'footwork' I typed up all the documents and did the concieving of the idea in the first place AND HE FUCKED UP!
Our sponsor said to him *DON'T GIVE OUT ANYTHING UNTIL I SEE IT FIRST!* Does he listen? NO! Does he tell me, the president? NO! *wants to hurl Toshi at him*

Dammit, now I have to fix the problem he started. Fuck. I don't have time for this.

it's hip to be square.

[12 Feb 2002|07:42pm]
Hey yo!

It's crunch time folks.

All due this month: Spanish Orals, History Bibliography for essay, English book report essay (750 words), and a Pre-Calc test. Oh yes, somehow in there I have to find the time to do a presentation board on Traditional Japan and Japanese Mythology. -_-

...taku, I'm never gonna have time to draw, well, better stop wasting my time online.

Oh yes, on a brighter scale: I got my tabi and Hakama today! *dances* AND someone graciously put up a PIERROT YAOI DOUJINSHI on Ebay! *MUST BUY*
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MOUUU! [02 Feb 2002|02:22pm]
I need a money order, so I go to the post office. I arrive at 12:03. The post office closes at 12:00.

Surrounding passerby: ?? o_O

Yup. Oh yeah, I acknowlege it: I HAVE THE EBAY DISEASE!
What is the ebay disease? It's when every second you spend online you're thinking of nothing but whether you won that bid on that oh-so-cheap Shippou UFO doll that really isn't oh-so-cheap anymore because 13 other people want it.

Yup, that's me. I need help, seriously.

Megacon is coming. I need to start saving up.

Shawn, I don't hate you. Where'd you get that idea?

Chemistry is SO not cool. *goes back to doing chemistry articles*

Oh yeah! *drum rolls* I found my history essay thesis topic....
"What was the true cause of the fall of the Bakufu?"

Isn't it marvolous? Yeah, I is so smart! *retarded laugh*

I NEED Gravitation DVDs. Whoever the hell has the US rights to Yami no Matsuei better hurry their ass up. And VIZ better get off their asses and publish the new X/1999 graphic novel already. Me and Lisa are waiting!

Hey Rell, ya wanna come over this Sunday? We can go to the Library and then do some other stuffs like work on our presentation for Multi-cultural club.

Ok, ja

P.S. To all my loyal *and not-so-loyal* Magical Penis Eater Kirito fans, the season finale is under way! I just made 1/4 of it in Pre-Calculus yesterday! Stay tuned!!!
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*peeks* [27 Jan 2002|09:46pm]

I don't know who Def Lepperd is. *confused*

Skinned people are not cool.

I *must* get Gravitation. This anime is the shit. The only problem is getting some dough. God, I need a job.

Nobody will help me on my project? *sad*
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A quiz....just if you're bored [26 Jan 2002|11:48pm]

I'm warning ya...its tough...at least I think so
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[26 Jan 2002|10:00pm]
Hi everyone. I need to do a project in school where I have to interview several people about the Challenger
accident back in 1986. Could you answer these? (That is, if you do remember anything about the crash.) If you can, could you write down your name (if I alrady don't know it) and email because my teacher might email you to "confirm the authenticity" as he puts it.

1. Where were you and how old were you on the date of the accident?
2. What were you doing when you heard about the accident?
3. How did you hear about the accident?
4. Do you remember anything about the days after the accident?
5. To the best of your recollection, what was the cause of the accident?
6. Government reports have shown that, based on statistical analysis, approximately 1 out of every 150 shuttle launches will result in at least one fatality. Given the risk to human life and the cost, do you think that space exploration through the shuttle program should continue? Why or why not?

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